Our survey crews are fully equipped with the latest total-station and Global Positioning System (GPS) survey equipment. As a result, we are able to provide a variety of legal and engineering surveying services to our clients in Burlington, Kitchener, London, Stratford, and the surround areas.

As one of the pioneers in the use of Total Station survey equipment, we have developed our own software called MTE-FSP (Field Survey Processor). In short, the software is utilized for processing Total Station field surveys and automatically generating base plans, complete with symbols and annotation. This software has been licensed to all of the municipalities in Waterloo Region for their own survey crews.

As members of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors (AOLS), we can carry out legal boundary (cadastral) surveys in Ontario. As such, MTE provides legal surveying services under the subsidiary MTE Ontario Land Surveyors Ltd.

Our Surveying Services Include:

Topographical Surveys

Our Surveyors are trained and experienced in the civil engineering field. As such, we are equipped to provide our clients with topographical surveys that are more detailed and accurate. Therefore, all relevant information that’s essential to the design is collected and represented in three dimensions.

As a result, Existing Conditions Plans are prepared thoroughly and efficiently. In turn, this lays the foundation for accurate design drawings, minimizing delays and additional costs during the design and construction stages.

Our team provides Topographic Surveys for:

    • Residential Land Development Projects
    • Commercial, Industrial and Residential Site Development Projects
    • Road Reconstruction
    • Road and Rail Route Planning
    • Flood Analysis and Contours
    • Pipeline Routing
    • Environmental Impact Studies and Delineation of Impact Areas
    • Drainage Studies
    • Gravel Pits and Quarries
    • Volume Calculations and Payment Certification
    • Hazardous Materials Cleanup
A man taking a topographical surveys by a waterfall
A man completing a construction survey

Construction Surveys

Construction Surveyors are issued building plans and use surveying instruments to establish stakes at a construction site. These stakes identify locations and elevations within a construction project to guide the contractor.

Our survey team is experienced in providing accurate construction surveys. Therefore, our client’s benefit from our knowledge and experience in the construction field, as well as our willingness to get the job done on time and on budget.

We provide Construction Layout for the following:

    • Building and Structure Layout
    • Bridge and Culvert Layout
    • Grading Layout
    • Underground Servicing Layout
    • Road, Highway and Curb Layout
    • Electrical Layout
    • As-Built Plans
    • 3D Surface Modelling for Machine Control Systems
    • Volume Calculations and Reporting

Deformation Monitoring

We are committed to providing solutions for our client's survey needs. For example, Deformation Monitoring is a highly specific service that our team is able to provide. Using modern survey equipment, our team can take precise measurements of monitoring points. Subsequently, these measurements are compared to pervious ones to determine a structures level of movement.

We can provide Deformation Monitoring for any type of structure, including:

    • Building Foundations
    • Bridge Foundations and Control Joints
    • Dams Investigations and Monitoring
    • Retaining Walls
Deformation monitoring
An MTE OLS surveyor

Legal Boundary Surveys

Our team provides Ontario land surveying services to public and private clients across Ontario.

Licensed Ontario Land Surveyors (OLS) provide a professional opinion on the location of boundaries. Our surveyors use historical research, knowledge of statute and common law, and the latest technology in measurement and data processing.

Only licensed members of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors (AOLS) can carry out legal boundary (cadastral) surveys in Ontario.

As such, our OLS staff and survey crews can provide the following Legal Boundary Surveys:

    • Plans of Subdivision
    • Plans of Condominium
    • Reference Plans
    • Surveyors’ Real Property Reports

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