Structural Engineering

MTE is able to bring a wealth of structural engineering experience to any project. We’ve completed structural projects for a number of clients including industry, private individuals and municipalities in Burlington, Kitchener, London, Stratford, Toronto, and the surrounding areas.

Our Structural Services Include:

Building Design and Renovation

Our team of structural engineers and technologists has garnered considerable experience in the design of structural systems using steel, wood, reinforced concrete, aluminum, masonry and plastic materials.

Working on existing structures comes with its own set of challenges that we are also well equipped to address and solve. Our background in design allows us to help clients quickly and efficiently resolve any difficulties that arise during, before or after construction.

Our experience in the design of new and existing structures includes:

    • Structural Steel Design
    • Reinforced Concrete Design
    • Masonry Building Design
    • Insulated Concrete Form Building Design
    • Cold Form Steel / Light Gauge Metal Design
    • Wood-Framed Structures
    • Prime Consultant
Structural skeleton of a building
Structural Damage Reports

Structural Investigations

In certain situations the need arises for structural assessments of existing buildings. Our team has assisted building owners, buyers and sellers by providing detailed reviews and reliable reporting of existing structures.

Additionally, we’ve also been called upon to provide assessments and results for buildings damaged by fire, wind, impact, decay, snow, water, ice and vibrations.

Specifically, we offer the following services for the evaluation of existing buildings:

    • Structural Damage Reports
    • Existing Building Structural Assessments
    • Existing Building As-Built Drawings
    • Vibration Studies
    • Demolition Reports

Other Structural Engineering Services

The technical expertise and experience of our structural engineering team frequently takes projects beyond the realm of conventional building design. This includes engineering services for unique and specific building types as well as specialized building complexities.

Our qualified staff is well suited to analyze and design various building types and solve special structural problems that can occur.

Our staff is experienced with:

    • Agricultural Engineering
    • Roof and Ground-Mounted Solar Panel Structures
    • Stress and Fatigue Analysis
    • Parking Structures
    • Retaining Walls
    • Foot Bridges
    • Repair of Damaged Structures
Structural building

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