Geotechnical Engineering

MTE employs a team of geotechnical engineering specialists who provide geotechnical solutions and analysis. This team collaborates to deliver the following solutions for our clients:

    • Geotechnical engineering and analysis
    • Field investigations
    • Foundation recommendations
    • Pavement design and analysis
    • Slope stability analysis

Materials Testing Laboratory

Our team now operates a CCIL-certified materials testing laboratory facility out of our Stratford office. We can provide laboratory construction material testing on various materials including soils and aggregates. Our laboratory provides testing of the following materials using the latest industry-approved testing standards.


    • Gradation Analysis
    • Wash Pass 75μm Sieve Determination
    • Percent of Crushed Particles Determination
    • Percent Flat and Elongated Particles
    • Asphalt Coated Particles Determination


    • Moisture Content Determination
    • Gradation Analysis Employing Hydrometer
    • Specific Gravity Determination of Soils
    • Atterberg Limits of Cohesive Soils
    • Standard Proctor Density Testing

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