Condominium Restoration

Our Expertise

Our team provides you with integrated solutions that create the ideal function, performance and durability for your building. Our capabilities include expertise in all types of components of the building envelope such as:

    • Steel
    • Concrete
    • Masonry Structures
    • Timber Structures
    • Cladding Systems (Walls, Windows, Curtain Walls, Window Wall, EIFS and Roofing)
    • Site Finish Materials

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    Solutions tailored to you

    Imperfections and deficiencies can decrease a building envelope’s performance and interfere with occupants’ comfort level, leading to the premature deterioration of building components and resulting in increased maintenance costs over time.

    Our team of experts work closely with property managers to evaluate their repair options, design an appropriate program, and implement the related repairs.


    We understand the budgetary constraints that property managers must work within. Our extensive experience working on projects of varying size and scope allows us to provide you with a cost-effective plan that does not sacrifice the quality of your repair.


    Managing condominium upgrades can become a tricky balancing act and we are here to guide you. Our extensive experience allows us to anticipate risks and challenges so that we can design the best solution for your timeline.


    Analyzing your options from every angle, we design forward-thinking solutions that solve your problems today and ensure continued success in the future.

    how we can help

      • Building Science Consulting: Roofs, Cladding, Parking Structures
      • Building Envelope Failure Investigations
      • Air and Water Leakage Investigations and Testing
      • Infra Red Thermographic Survey
      • Restoration Engineering
      • Technical Peer Review
      • Indoor Air Quality Testing
      • Health and safety and hazardous material consulting services

    Learn more about our building science solutions.