Building Science

Our diverse team of building science professionals can help you optimize the performance, and manage the maintenance and repair of your building portfolio. Servicing clients in Burlington, Kitchener, London, Stratford, and the surround areas, we provide solutions to improve the functionality and durability of your building. We also advise on compliance with health and safety regulations pertaining to renovation, demolition and occupancy.

Our Building Science Services Include:

Building Restoration

Our Building Restoration team provides expertise in the performance and design of building materials and components.

Imperfections, defects, poor construction, inefficient design or interior conditions can create deficiencies that decrease a building envelope’s performance. Water penetration, condensation and excessive air infiltration can lead to the premature deterioration of building components, resulting in increased maintenance costs and a reduced service life. Building envelope systems are often replaced prematurely, either because repair options are not fully considered or maintenance opportunities have been missed.

For buildings with performance problems or deterioration, our team works with property owners and managers to evaluate their repair options, design an appropriate program, and manage and implement the related repairs.

Our knowledge covers the full range of cladding materials, systems and suppliers, as well as the causes and solutions to performance for each system or environment. We also add value to your project by verifying performance through site inspections and in-situ testing.

Building Envelope Retrofit
Parking repairs

Our capabilities include expertise in all types of components of the building envelope such as:

    • Steel
    • Concrete
    • Masonry Structures
    • Timber Structures
    • Cladding Systems (Walls, Windows, Curtain Walls, Window Wall, EIFS and Roofing)
    • Site Finish Materials

Our team provides you with integrated system solutions that create the ideal function, performance and durability for your building, including:

    • Building Science Consulting: Roofs, Cladding, Parking Structures
    • Building Envelope Failure Investigations
    • Air and Water Leakage Investigations and Testing
    • Infra Red Thermographic Survey
    • Restoration Engineering
    • Technical Peer Review

Building Condition Assessment

Our team is capable of reviewing any type of building and providing you with analysis and practical advice on maintaining the integrity of your facility. We provide you with a report that includes observations and estimates for repairs, renovations and / or code compliance.

Our team can review the following systems and components:

    • Building structure
    • Interior finishes
    • Building envelope
    • Life safety
    • Roofing
    • Vertical transportation
    • Mechanical systems
    • Electrical systems
    • Site pavement / parking
High-Rise Building restoration project
Indoor Environments Services

Indoor Environments

Our Indoor Environments group provides comprehensive indoor air quality, environmental compliance, health and safety and hazardous material consulting services. Our team consists of Certified Engineering Technologists, Certified Industrial Hygienists, Canadian Registered Safety Professionals, LEED Accredited Professionals, Certified Water Quality Analysts (WQA) and other qualified technologists to assess all aspects of a healthy indoor environment.

Our staff can provide the following services related to the health and safety of your building:

    • Designated Substances and Hazardous Building Materials Assessments
    • Asbestos and Mould Assessments and Abatement Assistance
    • Indoor Air Quality & Sustainability
    • LEED New Construction EQ Credit: Indoor Air Quality Assessment
    • Lead in Water Testing
    • Construction Related Infection Control
    • Mould Investigations
    • Occupational Hygiene and Safety Consulting Services
    • Radon Testing and Mitigation Management
    • Training programs


Building owners, managers, architects, engineers, and health and safety personnel are required to comply with regulations pertaining to building maintenance, renovation, demolition and occupancy.

We provide consulting services that help our clients demonstrate compliance with those regulations, in addition to helping clients identify and improve conditions that affect worker health and safety.

Clients benefit from the committed and attentive service provided by our Indoor Environments team, including emergency response, timely results and accurate reporting.

Indoor Environments regulations

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