Ted Rowe

Ted Rowe

December 2, 2021


Ted Rowe’s MTE Journey

After joining MTE over 14 years ago, our President, Ted Rowe, reflects on his decision to make the leap to MTE, what has been most memorable and where he sees the future taking us.

Get the full account from Ted’s perspective below.

Describe your career path at MTE?

I joined MTE in 2007 as Vice President of Land and Site Development after having spent the previous 15 years working for a much larger competitor. Truth be told, it was not the first time I had been presented with an opportunity to make the move to MTE, but at the moment it was the right time for me.

MTE was strategically growing, expanding into new geographies and further diversifying their service offerings; all of which was exciting for someone like me. I was looking forward to bringing my experience to the table and becoming part of a great company that in my mind was extremely underrated by those that had not yet worked with MTE.

It also was an opportunity for me to return to my roots, having spent the first five years of my career with a small, employee-owned consulting firm founded at the same time as MTE. It also valued its deep-rooted culture and strong corporate values.

In 2010, I was fortunate to be appointed the fourth President of MTE and every day since I have very much enjoyed embracing the challenges of leading such a talented and dynamic company.

What is your most memorable project at MTE?

This is very difficult to answer, it is like asking which one of your children is your favourite! That said, I fondly remember my first MTE project, Morningcrest Subdivision in Guelph.  The client had moved his project to MTE when I moved and the trust they had shown in doing so has always resonated with me.

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the projects that MTE has undertaken as part of our commitment to the communities in which we live and work.  These are projects that we have participated in by donating our services, talents and resources to better assist those that are less fortunate than ourselves. The sense of pride that all of us feel when we give back is something that I am most humbled by in being part of MTE.

What’s been the most significant change for you as a leader?

Most recently, I would have to say the requirement to adapt to changing working environments; one from a traditional office-based environment to one of remote working.  The relatively seamless transition during the pandemic has shown me that with dedicated staff and proper resources, anything is possible.

What do you think sets MTE apart in our industry?

I have no doubt in my mind it is our staff.  I have said it on many occasions that MTE has the best people from bottom to top.  It is not lip service. We have a well-earned reputation for being passionate about our clients and their projects. As a result, we work collaboratively to deliver the right solution in a cost-effective and timely manner.  Our strategic anchors of “Client First, Right Solution, Working Together” were developed many years ago, and remain at the core of everything we do.

Where do you see MTE in five years?

MTE will be a larger version of its current self.  One that has remained true to its core values and focused on the well-being of its staff, clients and community partners.  We will have continued to grow to meet the needs of our staff and clients, but will not have lost focus on what success has meant to MTE: an engaged workforce that prides itself on being the best consultant in the geographies in which we live and work, all the while providing opportunities for our staff to grow, develop and prosper.

What would you say to someone considering a career at MTE?

First off, I would encourage them to do their research. Talk to our staff, talk to our clients, talk to our industry peers and competition.  It will be evident that MTE is an industry leader.  As part of a growing and dynamic employee-owned company, the opportunities are significant for someone seeking a challenging and rewarding career.  Lastly, I would say give me call and we can talk more about what working at MTE is all about.

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