People, people, people.

Engineers editing a drawing

October 28, 2019


Written by: Paul Eichinger

This was the mantra espoused by MTE’s founder, Bruce Scheifele, when he started the company almost 35 years ago. It means that MTE was about the people it worked for, its clients; the people that work here, our staff; and the people we partner with to build better communities. Pay close attention to these people and the company will succeed … which it certainly has.

Bruce retired almost 15 years ago and today’s MTE is very different. We have grown to almost 350 employees in four offices, and many of these employees never worked with Bruce. So what is different? Over the past two years we have embarked on a “brand refresh” process to understand how things have changed, and what hasn’t. What is a brand? The best way that I can understand it is by answering this question: if MTE was a person, how would we describe its personality and character?

The process to answer this question was lengthy, and inclusive. We asked internal staff, clients, family members, and engaged external consultants. As a result, we have updated our logo and brand presentation to better reflect the company as it is today.

But some things haven’t changed. We are still a company that provides engineering solutions based on integrity, expertise, quality and value. We’re still a company that provides ownership opportunities to our staff because it creates a shared accountability and responsibility.

And we care. A lot. It’s our promise to our clients, our staff and our communities.

2020 will mark MTE’s 35th year in business. Very soon we will surpass our 35,000th project. We owe our success to all those people, people, people. And we are looking forward to many more successful years ahead.

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