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January 17, 2022


Paul Eichinger | The Path from Client to Shareholder

Paul Eichinger, Vice President of MTE, has been an owner and a leader of the company for nine years. Looking back, Paul reflects on the challenges and triumphs he has experienced, as well as what he suspects the future will hold for MTE.

Why did you join MTE?

My career started in the public sector where I worked for a municipal government for several years. I was fortunate to gain experience through a variety of engineering and management roles. Looking for a new challenge, I then moved to the private sector, working for a real estate development company in Kitchener. Nine years ago I joined MTE and have really enjoyed working within the company through a period of growth in services, locations and employee size. This is my first career stop where I am an owner and this was a big factor in my decision to join MTE.

I was first introduced to MTE at the beginning of my career and my experience told me from the start that MTE was a great consulting firm. I knew the people were passionate about engineering and cared about the work they did.

What is your favourite project?

I would have to say the Creekside Employment Lands development in Cambridge. MTE has been working with Intermarket and the City of Cambridge for close to 15 years. We’ve assisted through the design and approvals process, and gained access to a “land-locked” parcel through the Regional Operations Centre at one end, and under a CP Rail line at the other end.

What also makes this project challenging and rewarding is the opportunity to work with so many people. The project crosses from the City of Kitchener into the City of Cambridge, accessing two Regional roads, within floodplain lands regulated by the Grand River Conservation Authority, and crossing an Ontario Hydro easement. It was worthwhile seeing the lands finally being serviced and parcels being sold this past year.

But we’re not done yet. MTE continues to work with companies that have purchased sites, and with the City of Cambridge in finalizing the major road infrastructure.

What’s been the most significant challenge for you as a leader?

Maintaining connections throughout the organization through a period of strong growth, and ensuring the company’s management philosophy grows and changes along with this business growth.

What makes MTE unique?

Even before I started working for MTE, I experienced first-hand that employees here have a very high, what I like to call, a “give a damn” factor. And now I get to exemplify that in my day-to-day interactions with clients and partners. It’s true, we really do care about our clients and the communities we work in.

Where do you see MTE in five years?

I expect we’ll see us expand geographically into one or two more offices in Ontario. I also hope to see our brand be as strong in the newer geographies as it is in Kitchener-Waterloo.

What would you say to someone considering a career at MTE?

This is a company with a very strong foundation, a very strong culture, and very strong growth prospects, all of which means great career opportunities for personal learning, growth and success. And you can be an owner, allowing you to blend your entrepreneurial instincts with your talents to create lasting change in your community.

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