MTE Mourns the Loss of Founder Bruce Scheifele

Bruce Scheifele Passing Announcement

September 23, 2021


It is with a very heavy heart that we share the news that MTE’s founder Bruce Scheifele passed away peacefully on the evening of Tuesday, September 21, 2021.

Bruce opened the doors to MTE in 1985 with a vision of providing consulting services in a unique and value-added manner, one in which MTE’s approach was always “more than engineering.”  Bruce was a strong believer in building relationships and supporting the community.  Bruce believed that people were the true key to a company’s success.  At his retirement in 2005 Bruce said, “The three most important things in our business are People, People and People; people as employees, people as clients and people as employees of our stakeholders. You can be the best engineers and scientists in the country and provide the finest designs; but one’s association with their peers, their clients, and their colleagues is the real catalyst to the growth and success that we as a company have enjoyed.”

Bruce’s legacy remains very much entrenched in MTE’s day-to-day operations. Despite significant growth in both our service offerings and geographical coverage over the past 35 plus years, MTE’s core values and company culture remain relatively unchanged from when Bruce established them. This is a testament to his foresight, personal nature and the influence he had on those who worked with and for him over his distinguished career.

Our thoughts are with Bruce’s family during this difficult time.

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