50,000 Projects and Growing

July 2, 2024


Join MTE Consultants on our exciting journey of growth in the AEC industry.

Last year, MTE celebrated a significant milestone by opening our 50,000th project, marking a tremendous achievement as we approach our 40th anniversary in 2025. This milestone highlights our commitment to supporting visionary clients and improving communities.  

We owe our success to our clients, the true risk-takers, innovators, and problem-solvers. MTE is proud to provide the services that support their visions.  

Cambridge West Project Construction photo

MTE’s Westwood Village Community Project

Here are a few examples of our recent impactful projects: 

Our client BMI has partnered with Asahi Kasei in Port Colbourne to create a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for lithium-ion separators used in electric vehicles.

BMI Port Colbourne Event

BWXT is expanding its Cambridge plant by 60,000 square feet to meet the growing needs of its nuclear energy clients. 

BWXT plant expansion

Sucro Can is currently developing the largest sugar refinery in Canada, with MTE serving as the prime consultants.

Sucro CAN future sugar refinery\


These projects are great for Ontario’s economy, driving growth and creating new opportunities across the province. MTE is proud to support these projects by providing a variety of engineering and survey services. 

Beyond these large-scale projects, MTE also supports numerous smaller but equally important endeavors. From new buildings and subdivisions to land surveys and sewage pumping stations, we help our clients achieve their goals, no matter the project’s size. 

MTE Kitchener HQ

MTE’s Kitchener Headquarters


As we look to the future, 2025 will mark MTE’s 40th anniversary. The next five years promise to be as exciting as the past 39. Our strategic plan challenges us to continue growing, expanding to new locations, and extending our services across all offices and geographies.  

MTE staff tree planting

MTE staff participating in our tree planting event


This growth provides many advantages, such as opportunities for developing new staff and technical expertise. It allows us to remain an employee-owned organization, positioning MTE to best fulfill its most important mandate – to meet the needs of our clients as they pursue their goals and dreams.   

To that end, we are creating a new position – Chief Growth Officer – to guide MTE’s growth aspirations and lead our business development and marketing strategies through the next stage of our evolution. 

The details of this position can be found on MTE’s career webpage: Chief Growth Officer (CGO) – MTE (mte85.com)

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