Celebrating 35 Years in Business

May 4, 2020


2020 marks MTE’s 35th year in business. However, like most things right now, the way we will celebrate our anniversary will not happen as we had planned. This doesn’t change the fact that we want to formally acknowledge this significant milestone for MTE and we still want to celebrate with our staff, clients and industry peers. Each of the next 35 weeks will be dedicated to applauding the people and profiling the projects from one year in MTE’s storied history. Let’s start with 1985.

It is ironic that with everyone working from home, conversing over video conference, and reviewing and stamping drawings digitally, that “paper” is how we would start this 35-week journey.

We started this journey by digging deep into our archives.

MTE’s first project was known as Valeriote Place, a residential subdivision located in the City of Guelph.

The first letter issued by MTE was dated July 11, 1985 and was addressed to Terry Hearn, P.Eng. of the Engineering Department at the City of Guelph. It was sent by our founder Bruce G. Scheifele, C.E.T. Interestingly, the letter is on thin yellow paper (carbon copy), the predecessor of the “CC” now commonly used in email communication.

Engineering Drawings

It’s hard to write about 1985 without the primary focus being on the people who were essential in the founding of MTE. Bruce Scheifele founded MTE in July of 1985 and at that time was joined by Ron Beatson and Gary Honsberger. When Bruce named the firm “More Than Engineering”, he did so because he wanted his clients to know that MTE would always strive to provide the right solution while working together to ensure that their overall project objects were met.

Bruce deservedly retired in 2005 and we will always be grateful for his vision all of those years ago. Ron retired from MTE just last year after 34 years of dedicated service with the company, and Gary still enjoys working for MTE today!

MTE's founding employees

I very much look forward to counting down the next 35 weeks and bringing to you a snap shot of who and what has shaped MTE from our roots as a local land development engineering company to our current position as one of Southwestern Ontario’s leading providers of professional engineering, environmental and surveying services to our valued clients.

Author: Ted Rowe



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