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A Multilayered Approach to Improving Industrial Effluent Quality

November 1, 2022


A Multilayered Approach to Improving Industrial Effluent Quality Morgan Crane, P.Eng. Design Engineer, Municipal Engineering MTE Consultants As a supplier of over 500,000 tonnes of livestock feed annually, Wallenstein Feed and Supply (WFS) has been a staple of agricultural industry in Southern Ontario for 64 years. As their operations continued to grow, WFS found themselves in […]


Wallenstein Feed & Supply

Effluent Requirements and Membrane Bioreactor Technologies

August 18, 2022


Meeting Effluent Requirements Through Membrane Bioreactor Technologies Nick Romero, P.Eng., M.Eng. Design Engineer, Municipal Engineering MTE Consultants Overcoming uncertainties and navigating tricky design constraints are the challenges that our team thrives on. When we were hired to complete the detailed design of a wastewater treatment plant to service a new warehouse, we saw an opportunity […]


Membrane Bioreactor System

Construction Dewatering Next to The Grand River

July 14, 2022


CONSTRUCTION DEWATERING NEXT TO THE GRAND RIVER Huge Volumes, Excess Iron and Potential Flotation Written by: Dave Wilhelm, Director, Water & Wastewater Engineering How much of an impact does a site’s natural setting have on the design of vertical infrastructure projects? Well sometimes, the impact is huge! Thorough pre-design geotechnical and hydrogeological investigations are an […]


Old Mill Pumping Station