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Westwood Village Community

Key Personnel
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Jeff Martens, P.Eng.
Vice President
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Garett Korber, P.Eng., C.E.T.
Vice President
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Jason Cabral, C.E.T., RCSI
Manager, Land Development | Kitchener
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Project Overview

Westwood Village Community in Cambridge represents expansion along the western boundary of the city that will increase housing availability through the development of over 80 ha of land. These lands are held by four owners and are guided by the conceptual solutions outlined in the Master Environmental Servicing Plan for the Westwood Village Community.

MTE’s Involvement

MTE has provided consultation, design and advice on the servicing, grading and stormwater management solutions to support approvals and development since 2005. Our team initially developed a surface water monitoring program to assess conditions within the watercourses and wetland features. We were also involved with prepared technical studies for two separate Draft Plan of Subdivision applications related to development of 63 ha of land held by two of the owners. These Draft Plans later proceeded through a Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT), resulting in approval of the Draft Plans.

Plans for the land includes construction of various types of residential properties, a school, parks, roads and municipal services (storm, sanitary, and water).

Following approval of the Draft Plans, our team has continued to provide engineering services for the more detailed solutions related to stormwater management, grading and servicing.

The stormwater management approach we developed includes designing the required infrastructure to manage the quality and quantity of runoff, which includes the construction of three ponds. Our team also designed and oversaw construction of the realignment of Blenheim Road, which involved replacing a culvert crossing of Devil’s Creek.

Through analysis of the existing water network, we confirmed that adequate pressure and supply will be available to support the developments. Our analysis considered the entire water distribution network for the Westwood Village Community and was used to determine the pipe sizes for the proposed internal water distribution network of the two subdivisions our team is involved with. We determined that pipe sizing for these lands will all be 200-mm diameter, with the exception of the 300mm diameter section.

Our team’s deliverables for the project thus far have included:

    • Existing Conditions Surface Water Resources Analysis
    • Conceptual Stormwater Management Plan
    • Chloride Impact Analysis
    • Water and Sanitary Servicing Analysis
    • Noise Assessment
    • Phase One Environmental Site Assessment

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