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Samsonite Canada Inc. Warehouse | Stratford, Ontario

Key Personnel
Project Overview

As Samsonite Canada established plans to build a new 12,000-m2 (128,000-ft.2) retail warehouse, MTE was retained to support the building construction and development of the site. The warehouse was constructed on vacant land on the east side of C.H. Meier Boulevard in the City of Stratford. As the civil engineers and surveyors on the project, our team contributed to the achieving site plan approval and a building permit through our servicing, grading and stormwater management design and survey work. Our knowledge of the site and local municipality helped to mediate timelines and keep the project on track.

The project was carried out using a design-build approach, which required our team to work collaboratively with all design and construction team members to achieve the various approvals as well as solve in-field construction issues quickly. As the only local consultant on the project, we were able to adapt our designs practically and respond promptly to requests from the contractor, design team and City.

MTE’s Involvement

With the purpose of determining the existing site conditions as well as potential opportunities and constraints prior to development, our team completed a topographical survey as well as a functional servicing analysis. Once a preferred site was established, we provided an Existing Conditions Plan, as a requirement of Site Plan approval which involved the study of vegetation, ground fault lines and ground shots.

Our team also provided support throughout both the site plan application process and the building permit application process by providing necessary documentation and attending meetings. We were then able to design the site servicing and grading, in addition to providing a stormwater management report detailing our recommendations.

Throughout the construction phase, our team conducted regular site visits in order to certify the site grading was being completed in accordance with the approved drawings and obtain a final certification.