case Studies

New-Form Tools | Stratford, Ontario

Project Overview

After setting up a facility in Stratford, New-Form Tools, a manufacturer of specialty blades and cutting systems, required two building expansions to accommodate growth. Our civil, structural and geotechnical engineering teams worked together to conduct investigations and prepare designs in support of municipal approvals for the building additions on both the east and west sides of the site.

Our knowledge of the local municipal processes and approving stakeholders at the City of Stratford helped to mitigate any project delays and approvals were achieved efficiently. This also allowed for construction to proceed quickly and smoothly.

Located on a 1.25-ha parcel, the east expansion was completed first and consisted of a 90 ft. by 90 ft. addition to the existing industrial building along with associated parking and drive aisles. Following the east expansion, the development to the west consisted of a 2,000-m2 (21,000-ft2) addition to the industrial facility.

MTE’s Involvement

Starting with the site development of the east expansion, our team provided a site plan for both client and municipal approval, followed by site grading and servicing drawings. Our team also completed the architectural design of the east addition which included final building elevations, floor plan, roof plan and building sections and detail. Additionally, we completed the structural design involving the foundation and roof framing plans and steel framing elevations.

When we began work on the west building addition, our team completed a geotechnical investigation to determine the soil and groundwater conditions in the area of the proposed expansion and provide geotechnical engineering recommendations for foundations, floor slabs, site servicing, and pavement design.

Following our geotechnical investigation, our team provided a site plan, site grading and servicing design drawings and a stormwater management report. We also and coordinated the site plan submission for municipal approval. Throughout the site development of both the east and west additions, our team provided site inspections to certify the sites were being constructed in accordance with the provided engineering drawings and to provide final certification to the City.

Our structural design of the west addition involved an architectural floor plan, building sections, building elevations, foundation plans and details, roof framing plan and a code review for fire safety and occupancy.