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Jungbunlauer Food Processing Plant

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Boris Milman, M.Sc., P.Eng.
Manager, Industrial Structures | Toronto
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Project Overview

Jungbunzlauer is a producer of biodegradable products created from renewable raw materials. The manufacturer operates a food processing plant in Port Colborne, and when they were met with growing global demand, they set out to expand this facility with the help of our team.

We supported this expansion project with civil and structural engineering expertise throughout the design and construction of the 735-m2 power plant. The purpose-built structure was designed to accommodate three gas-powered generators, collectively producing an impressive 13.2 MW of power. The single-storey building is characterized by multi-height roofs that reach up to 7.3 m in height, all constructed using structural steel.

MTE’s Involvement

Our engineering expertise extended to creating a structure capable of supporting the weight and functionality of three 1-ton overhead cranes, along with over 70,000 kg of rooftop equipment. We also designed the framework to accommodate exhaust stacks to a height of 10 m above the structure.

Furthermore, we ensured that both the building and its surroundings were thoughtfully designed to allow for future expansion. Given the equipment’s nature and the proximity to a residential neighbourhood, we engaged an acoustics consultant, who conducted a thorough noise study. Subsequently, we integrated their findings to design effective acoustic insulation solutions for the building’s walls and roof.

In addition to our multifaceted responsibilities, we also provided oversight for the architectural work, ensuring that the building would be harmonized with its surroundings. Our civil engineering team developed the site grading and drainage plan, ensuring the facility’s integration with the broader environment while maintaining optimal functionality.