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Depave Paradise | Horton Farmers’ Market

Project Overview

In an effort to improve the ecological diversity and stormwater permeability of underutilized spaces with excess pavement, our team has joined Depave Paradise once again. As part of the volunteer team, we transformed a portion of the pavement surrounding Horton Farmers’ Market in St. Thomas into a naturalized green environment.

MTE’s Involvement

Working alongside London Environmental Network, our team helped to remove approximately 70 m2 of asphalt bordering the Horton Farmers’ Market. The asphalt was cut into manageable-sized pieces and transported by hand into a recycling bin.

Prior to its removal, the paved surface interrupted the natural water cycle, preventing rain from soaking into the ground and creating runoff that would collect pollutants and compromise nearby water sources.

Replacing the asphalt, a native garden was planted bordering the market. The team planted roughly 200 native plants with a focus on low-maintenance and shade perennials, as well as some pollinators. All species in the garden are 100% native to the Carolinian zone which St. Thomas is located within.

Within just two days’ work, the site has been reclaimed as a naturalized space that will add biodiversity, improve stormwater permeability, add a pop of natural beauty to the Horton Farmers’ Market.