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Cambridge Avenue Reconstruction

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Dot Roga, C.E.T.
Manager, Municipal | Kitchener
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Project Overview

The City of Kitchener recently completed a reconstruction of Cambridge Avenue aimed at upgrading and enhancing the street’s aging infrastructure to prevent future system failures and enhance the reliability of the underground services and the above-ground surface features.

The reconstruction involved a comprehensive set of improvements, including upgrading the stormwater and wastewater servicing, as well as the installation of new curb and gutter, sidewalks and an upgrade of the asphalt roadway.

MTE’s Involvement

With its proximity to an elementary school, the reconstruction of Cambridge Avenue presented opportunities to enhance pedestrian safety. During the design phase of the project, our team worked with the City of Kitchener to implement principles from the City’s Complete Streets approach that encourages narrower streets, reduces crossing distances and introduces wider sidewalks to help slow traffic and improve pedestrian safety.

The two-lane roadway is located within a mature residential neighbourhood, so protecting trees and the local character were important to the City and its residents. Our team collaborated with the City’s Arborist to not only maintain trees, but also to add additional trees.

Our team was also responsible for the replacement of the aging municipal infrastructure to bring it to current standards and improve water, storm and sewage servicing. This included introducing storm drainage infrastructure for a 240-m section that did not previously have a sewer, as well as the replacement of:

    • Sanitary Sewer: 569 m of 200-mm diameter and 16 m of 250-mm diameter sanitary sewer pipe
    • Storm Sewer: 612 m of 300-mm to 900-mm diameter storm sewer pipe
    • Watermain: 615 m of 150-mm diameter PVC watermain and 70 m of 300-mm diameter PVC watermain

Managing this project involved extensive communication with the residents who would be affected by the construction. Our team took care to keep all those surrounding the roadway informed throughout the process to help mitigate issues and keep residents engaged and satisfied with the work being done.