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Bell Canada Highrise

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Boris Milman, M.Sc., P.Eng.
Manager, Industrial Structures | Toronto
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Project Overview

In 2017, MTE was retained by HH Angus to provide structural engineering services related to the design and construction of new steel platform for the new 2.5MW generator, new penthouses extending the floor area of the 17th floor as required area for the new diesel generator and the new Silencer; one (1) new selective catalytic reducer (SCR) on the 17th storey roof; pipe rack and tower supporting the vertical stack; and reinforcing of the 17th floor supporting columns.

Study and design of the existing steel platform on the 16th floor for two (2) proposed new 2.5MW generator, new penthouses extending the floor area of the 16th floor as required area for the new diesel generators and the new Silencer; and two (2) new selective catalytic reducers (SCRs) on the 16h storey roof.

MTE’s Involvement

MTE’s role was crucial in the design and installation of two new selective catalytic reducers and additional penthouses for emergency diesel generators on the 16th floor. Their responsibilities encompassed everything from adding maintenance platforms and walkway bridges for easy access to conducting detailed analyses of the building’s structural integrity against seismic and wind loads.

Because the building is 100 years old, there wereno existing structural drawings were available, our inspectors performed several site investigations in order to verify the existing structural system and geometry, and the condition of the building. We oversaw ground-penetrating radar scanning of slabs in order to identify existing reinforcement bars. The engineering team conducted a structural analysis of the existing building structure to evaluate the effects of the new loads on the existing gravity- and seismic-force resisting systems. Our analysis discovered that several existing columns were overstressed below the top two floors, so we designed reinforcement and added new vertical braced frames. We designed structural steel platforms to support the new SCRs above the existing generators, and a new catwalk structure to provide access, and frames to support exhaust stacks.