Create Connections

More than a workplace

While ambition and career growth can lead to competition in the workplace, we’ve created an environment that fosters camaraderie that extends beyond the office. At MTE, we save the competition for the golf course, soccer field, or makeshift office racetrack.

We work hard to exceed client expectations, but with that, we strive to strike a balance by creating opportunities for people to have fun and form connections.


MTE Social Committee

Our social committee is tasked with organizing monthly events ranging from murder mystery dinners and Buffalo Bills games to rock climbing and Hawaiian BBQs (we decorate the office - we don’t actually go to Hawaii). We’re known to get festive with Oktoberfest and we take the holidays seriously with our annual Easter egg hunt and Christmas party. Throw in the company picnic and you might wonder when the work gets done.

The social committee does a great job of making our office more than a workplace and they’re always open to new members and fun ideas.


MTE teams and recreation

If you do have a competitive streak, we welcome you to show it off on the field. For those looking to step away from the desk and collaborate outside of client projects, we have a number of MTE sports teams you can join. For those looking for something a bit slower than soccer and softball, we offer yoga classes as another way to mentally step away from your work and decompress.