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Joel Nichols, P.Biol., QP(RA)

Technical Sector Leader, Environmental


Joel Nichols has over 15 years of experience related to environmental toxicology and risk assessment. He has acted as Senior Reviewer, Project Manager and / or Technical Lead for the completion of Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessments under both provincial and federal frameworks including O. Reg. 153/04, as amended, Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment and Health Canada. He also provides expert level review of human health and ecological components of Pre-Submission Forms and Risk Assessments prepared under O. Reg. 153/04. Joel also conducts Benthic Invertebrate Surveys and Sediment Toxicity Assessments.

Joel Nichols has previous work experience in both Canada and the U.S. studying the toxicological effects of contaminants (e.g. metals and pesticides) on various aquatic organisms to contribute to the development of the Biotic Ligand Model, regulatory practices, and Probabilistic Risk Assessments. This work involved benthic invertebrate sampling and identification, conducting sediment and aquatic toxicity tests, and culturing various aquatic test organisms (benthic invertebrates, fish, and algae).

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