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If you have trouble reading online, learn how to make your computer speak to you.


Windows Narrator


Windows Narrator is a basic screen-reading program. The program gives speech feedback for menus and dialogue boxes. It does not speak out the whole web page.


1. Click the Start button or press the Windows logo key on your keyboard.


2. Open Programs. Click All Programs or press P on the keyboard until All Programs is highlighted and press Enter.


3. Click Accessories or press A on the keyboard until Accessories is highlighted and press Enter.

4. Click Accessibility. If you are using the keyboard, it will already be highlighted, press Enter.


5. Click Narrator or press N on the keyboard until Narrator is highlighted, press Enter.

This opens the Microsoft Narrator box. The Narrator immediately begins to read instructions on how to use the feature.


6.Click OK or press Enter on the keyboard. Another window will appear with various options. Click the checkbox or press the spacebar on your keyboard to customize your options. You can also adjust voice settings by clicking the Voice button or pressing V on the keyboard.



Macintosh Voice Over Utility


VoiceOver Utility is a screen-reading program built into the latest versions (OS 10.4 and 10.5) of Apple Macintosh Operating Systems. It provides speech feedback for menus and dialogue boxes and can speak out whole web pages once configured.


1. Visit the VoiceOver Website for more information about Voice Over Utility


2. Visit the VoiceOver Download section for an accessible PDF manual or audio recordings of the “Getting Started” manual for VoiceOver Utility.



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